Helping Your Husband with ADHD: Supportive Solutions for Adult ADD/ADHD

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Do you ever feel like your husband is an overgrown child? Or a really big teenager that needs to be reminded of everything or he’ll forget. He’s restless. He’s jumpy. He’s impatient, impulsive, and chronically late! He simply refuses to get organized and puts off everything—and I mean everything—until the last minute.

Is this the guy you married? What the heck happened to him? Was he always this way? Or is it all in your head? More importantly, is there anything you can do to fix it, or do you have to suffer with his atrocious habits for the rest of your life?

It’s difficult enough managing your career, the house and the kids. Who has time to micromanage their husband’s life? If you are the wife of a man with ADD/ADHD this may have struck a painful chord, and for good reason. Beyond the daily difficulties of being on the receiving end of ADD/ADHD, your plight is often ignored by therapists and other professionals. Yes, many books and articles have been written describing the challenges of people with ADD/ADHD, but few focus on those who suffer the most from this condition – namely, their partners. This book is an attempt to do just that; to offer solid education and practical tips to help you deal with the daily frustrations of living with someone who has ADD/ADHD.

This book is a helpful guide for women who think their husbands might have ADD/ADHD. Or for women who’s husbands have already been diagnosed. George Sachs PsyD and Timothy Norman LCSW offer advice for wives to help their husbands live a successful life with Adult ADD/ADHD. Learn ways to support his growth without enabling him or exhausting yourself.

Dr. Sachs is a licensed child and adult psychologist, specializing in the treatment of ADD/ADHD in children, teen and adults. He is founder of the Sachs Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, serving individuals and families looking for answers to ADD/ADHD.

Why I Wrote This Book

Much has been written on managing the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, but these books were almost always directed at the client himself, as if it was up to the person with ADD/ADHD alone to solve his problems and get on with life. Yes, there were chat groups and forums where wives could air their complaints – but very few resources that gave wives tools to take control of their situation by actively helping their husbands deal with their challenges.

This book is an attempt to do just that: to bring together in one place a host of information to help wives not only understand their husband’s condition, but also to empower them to steer their relationship in a healthier direction.

Since coming to this new understanding, I, along with my colleagues at the Sachs Center, have been able to help scores of women gain a new understanding of ADD/ADHD and how they can transform their marriages from a living nightmare into a much more peaceful and harmonious state of affairs. As we wrote this book, we reached out to scores of men and women across the country to learn from their experiences. If you have picked up this book, then we both already know you need help – but you must also realize that you are not alone.

My sincere hope is that these pages will provide you with the information you need to begin your journey to a healthier and happier life, one that allows you to enjoy the excitement and creativity that first attracted you to your husband without falling victim to the excesses associated with his ADD/ADHD.

-- George Sachs PsyD


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